Moscow Death Brigade and True Rebel raised 2700 Euro for the elderly and disabled and gave out 600 face masks to the homeless in Summer/Fall 2020

In summer 2020 at the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic MDB and True Rebel printed and sold branded protective face masks with the logos of both, with all profits going to “Enjoyable Ageing” Foundation in Russia - one of the biggest independent non-profits, whose volunteers help the elderly and the disabled. For each mask sold MDB and True Rebel also gave out a mask to the homeless in Germany. The campaign slogan was: “Help the homeless, help the old and protect your community!”. 


“Enjoyable Ageing” Foundation (Rus)




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Moscow Death Brigade and "Sisters" Center raised 5650 Euro for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Russia through "No Means No" campaign in 2018-2020.

From Summer 2018 to Fall 2020 MDB have raised and transferred 5650 Euro to "Sisters" Center (Rus: Центр "Сёстры") an independent volunteer based organization in Russia that supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking since early 1990's. The amount was raised by selling "No Means No" T-shirts on tours and through Fire and Flames Music web store with all profits passed to the non-profit campaign. A Switzerland-based brand True Rebel Schweiz has also contributed 200 Swiss Francs to the campaign.

Many survivors of domestic and sexual violence, per-dominantly women, find themselves in unbearable situations unable to get help and support from any official sources - hence independent organizations like "Sisters" Center provide much needed respite for these people.


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"All for One" campaign: Moscow Death Brigade and True Rebel raised 2000 Euro for refugee women in Europe.

In Summer 2019 MDB and True Rebel raised 2000 Euro for a German organization "Women in Exile" that helps and supports refugee women living in Germany. This amount was raised by selling limited edition T-shirts "All for One".



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Moscow Death Brigade helped raise funds for European progressive activist groups through "Stay at Home but Stay Antiracist" Digital Festival.

In Spring 2020 as live shows were banned in most of the world due to the COVID-19 related lock down Moscow Death Brigade participated in the Digital Festival - "Stay at Home but Stay Antiracist", organized by Kulturinitiative Mittel-Holstein e.v. to raise funds for various European progressive organizations promoting Anti-racist, Anti-sexist and Anti-homophobic ideals.



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Moscow Death Brigade helped raise funds for "Doctors Without Borders" with Destiny Tourbooking's "I WAS NOT THERE Tour 2020" campaign.

In summer 2020 during the first peak of COVID-19 Pandemic, MDB joined 26 other bands to help Destiny Tourbooking release a limited run of "I Was Not There Tour 2020" T-Shirts with 50% of the profits being donated to the "Doctors Without Borders". The shirt displayed logos of 27 artists that Destiny represents including Moscow Death Brigade, NOFX, Pennywise, Descendents, Jello Biafra, Bombpops among others.



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Moscow Death Brigade raised 1200 Euro for the Russian veterans of the WWII.


In May 2010 Moscow Death Brigade organized and took part in a benefit concert in Moscow with all profits (more than 1200 Euro) passed on to veterans of the World War II who fought against the Nazi and Axis forces during World War II. In Russia many senior citizens including survivors of the WWII live in poor conditions with little support from the government.

In addition to raising funds for the veterans a group of activists made a short documentary film, interviewing five veterans on their experiences defending against the Nazi forces in the 1940's.


Video Report and Interviews (Rus):

Moscow Death Brigade raised 2500 Euro for an Orphanage in Russia


In March 2010 Moscow Death Brigade organized and headlined a benefit Hip-Hop/Punk Rock concert in Moscow with all profits going to support an orphanage in Russia. 100 000 rubles (an equivalent of 2520 Euro in March 2010) was raised and used by band members and activists to purchase supplies, toys, medicine and other goods for the orphaned children.

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